Two greatest assets in human life are: your talent and your time. More and more talented, but less and less time, we can say that life is time to exchange talent. If a day later, we have less time, but talent does not increase, it is wasted time. So, we have to plan our time, use our time efficiently.

Do what you really interested in with your goals in life
Productivity has a direct relationship with interest, but this relationship is not a simple linear relationship. If I do what I am not interested in, I might spend 40 percent of the time, and only can produce 20% of the effect; if I do something I’m interested in, I might spend 100% of the time and get 200% effect. Hard work and good health are important, but really put into your work, all you need is an attitude, a desire, a willingness.

Know how your time spent
Pick a week and record what you did each 30 minutes, and then do a classification (for example: reading, studying, friends, sleeping, etc.) to see which activities you spent too much time. Before you want to progress, you must understand the status quo at first.

Time pieces
If you make time statistics above, you will find a lot of time lost out every day, for example, waiting for the bus, queuing, walking, etc., it can be used to check and reply emails, phone calls, and the like. Now we can use internet anytime, anywhere, so there is no excuse for daze once again. The point is, no matter you are busy or not busy, preparing in advance to do what in time pieces.


Pick out the three most important things to do in the morning, you must be able to finish over day. At work and in daily life, things piling up, the only way is to prioritize. To understand that something hurry does not mean important things. You must be careful not to become a slave for hurry. You should let some urgent but unimportant things go. To be able to say no! Time management is to find their own priorities, if reverse the order, filled the time a bunch of trivia, then no space for something important.

The 80/20 rule
If people use the most efficient time, only 20% of the investment will be able to produce 80% efficiency. In contrast, the least efficient use of time, 80% of the time to devote to produce only 20% efficiency. You should concentrate on something most important on the clearest mind time. Many students like to stay up late, but it will be harm for the health, try to keep early hours.

Time is running out, How Long Will I Live?

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