People who has entrepreneurship and innovation are very valuable in organization. So what are the key factors to be an successfel entrepreneur?

1. Persuasion
The ability to persuade others to change their way of thinking, belief, or behavior. Clearly, whether it is engaged in the recruitment or want to get approval from the investor and shareholder, the entrepreneur needs to have outstanding persuasion.
2. Leadership
The entrepreneur’s vision is often followed by challenging products and services, they can be aware of the challenges that ordinary people are not aware of.
3. Responsibility
People with entrepreneurial thinking also exhibit unique personal responsibility. Here personal responsibility refers to initiative, self-confidence, courage to face failure and personal behavior. People who have strong personal responsibility will go through the obstacle, they will not be giving up his personal mission, but they will thus gain energy. Those who always blame others fail is a serious lack of personal responsibility; it may be the biggest obstacle that hinder a person to become to an outstanding entrepreneur.
4. Goal-oriented
The goal-oriented means being attentive and energetic to achieve their goals. Typically, the majority of entrepreneurs is work closely with others to achieve the goal, their output efficiency is the highest. A strong sense of purpose for an entrepreneur is very important, because it is their product or service purpose. Clear objectives, advocacy objectives, use those to influence others and get their support.
5. Social skills
Finally, a clear need is personal social skills, social skills are the other four skills adhesive. Good personal social skills to ensure that entrepreneurs can effectively communicate with people in any situation, and get along with people. An outstanding entrepreneur could make emotionally unstable people to calm down. For lack of personal social skills of entrepreneurs, it will limit their ability to deliver a wide range of vision and goals.
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