Trust is a catalyst to accelerate the body’s self-confidence broke out, confidence is more important than the effort. Mutual understanding and trust between leaders and followers is a powerful spiritual force, it helps to build harmonious environment between people, contribute to the formation of the team spirit and cohesion.


From the people’s motivation to see that everyone has need fo a self-affirmation, honor, fight for the honor. For someone who has prominent performance, given the necessary spiritual rewards. For all types of people is also to encourage the spirit because it can reflect the need to respect. Pay attention to the collective excitation of encouragement to cultivate in order to build sense of honor and spirit of the group.


Human emotion always dominated by action, who in turn will dominate people’s incentive actions. We are talking about behavior incentive is to head the behavior of the object full of emotion emotions to motivate its people, so as to achieve the purpose of mobilizing the enthusiasm of people. We often talk about the power of example is infinite, that is kind of project Typical behavior can stimulate people’s emotions, causing people’s “introspection” and resonance, and thus play a strong role model, like a banner, to guide people action.


Goal is to organize the individual a psychological gravity. The so-called target incentive, is to determine the appropriate target, induce human motives and behavior to achieve the purpose of mobilizing the enthusiasm of people. As an enticing target, with initiation, orientation and the role of incentives. Only one person constantly inspired by the pursuit of high goals, but also to inspire move its inherent power to make progress.


Emotion is one of the most direct factor affecting people’s behavior, and any desire to have a variety of emotional needs. As interpreted in psychology, human emotions can be divided into altruistic sentiments, aggressive feelings, emotions and other types of hedonism, which also requires our leader continue to meet the followers, meet the growing demand for all kinds of material and cultural talent.

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