The concept of the team emphasizes the overall benefits and objectives, emphasize the cohesion of the organization. Everyone in the team maximize their potential around common goals, and the main responsibility of leaders is to create a positive, productive work environment for employees, and to help them to achieve self-worth. The team was able to play the effect of 1+1>2 because each member of the team can work together and do their best to achieve a goal in the same boat.

The following points that will helpful for form an excellent team and to maintain its efficient operation:

  • Keep diversity of the team. The team should include different personalities and different talented people. They are complementary by diverse quality from each member.
  • Set reasonable goals. Target and goal indicate the direction for the team, and it should make the majority of team members to approve it.
  • Drive the team. One of most important responsibilities for leader is to maintain the vitality of the organization, at the same time, ensure that enterprises or team is always in one direction, never deviate from the target.
  • Allow employees to make mistakes and correct them immediately. Nobody never make mistakes. The key is that you get to make all team members learn from its mistakes.
  • Appropriate use of personal charm. Respect the individual differences of team members, including their beliefs, background, and demand. You should be broad-minded, able to calmly accept the views and suggestions of others. In addition, the appropriate delegation of authority is necessary.
  • Mind your mouth and hands, less interrupted, less meddling. Everyone has the potential, if you give them, you will gradually find that: they often do better than your expectation.
  • Share information and results. This helps to enhance team cohesion and initiative, avoid unnecessary suspicion, also let employees know their importance in the team and enhance their confidence.
  • Training team. The team is relying on cohesion and collaboration to accomplish goals. As a team leader, you should make all team members to achieve goals and go all out. If someone is personal heroism, even has strong ability, it may not be able to make much contribution to the group.

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