Are Leaders Born Or Made?

If we take a look at another question: How to become an Olympic champion? There is no doubts, reaching to the top of sports competition, you need to find a genius, and selection of genius depends on different sports, such as shapes of muscle cells for middle-long-distance run are different with those for sprint, athletes’ body size are also different. After finding these geniuses, it also need to have suitable good coach to train and guide them at least a few years. Eventually, they have to get some opportunities to finally achieve the Olympic throne.

Then come back to look at leadership development, there are a lot of similarities, isn’t it? This need to find a good talent to be a leader. It is not enough to only finding good talents, it also need to have the right opportunity to strengthen their “muscles”. Leadership Coaching can help and guide these talents to be improved and advanced. Olympic champions not masters or doctors of sports science; Similarly, only reading books cannot learn leadership at all, they also need opportunities to show their talents. If there are not opportunities to show their leadership, even they have super powers, on one recognized their leadership.

From the enterprise view to look at this issue, in order to build a strong leadership talent, they need select candidates from both inside and outside, but also need to spend time and money to guide and train them. If from individual development to look at this issue, and that is: people cannot choose your own DNA, but people can understand and explore themselves (Self-Awareness), and then they can use their energy to improve their self-cultivation and leadership.

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