Today’s leaders faced challenges more dynamic than ever. Living in such a dynamic environment, want to play an effective leadership, leaders need to have a smart ability that is “Leadership Agility“.

The way of thinking and ability to adapt to change

Today’s leaders face more complex, changing and uncertain business environment than ever, which prompted them to have to quickly adapt to this dynamic and ambiguous environment with an open mind and timely respond to changes, and lead their followers become the darling of the times. This era requires them do a high-wire act, continue to challenge the center of gravity, to reach a new equilibrium, while going to achieve the long-term goal of the vision firmly.

Continuous innovation in a dynamic environment

Leader’s vision of the world is not only “what is”, but also “what is possible”. They always envisaged how to change and select the correct plan to spare no effort to turn a dream into reality. Today, innovations are more frequent be mention than ever, almost every leader consider innovation at first, because they know that either innovation or will be kicked out sooner or later.

Integration of resources to promote revolution

To face revolution and innovation, leaders are different from the ordinary people, they can not only adapt to change themselves, but also lead their followers to achieve self-transformation, and transform innovative ideas into reality. Moreover, these ideas may not be presented by leaders themselves, but to achieve them, it must require leaders to spare no effort to promote and integrate different resources. Business innovation is a respond to a dynamic business environment, the role of leaders in innovation and revolution is not only present new ideas, but also create a culture of active participation that encourage others driving revolution and innovation. More than that, innovation is often unavoidable risks, only leaders keep supporting it firmly, innovation and revolution may only be achieved in a complex organization.

4 Qualities That Make an Agile Leader: