Leadership is a relationship. Your followers decide your leadership. As a follower, they want to follow, and willing to follow a living person, but not a role player. Finally, followers will find that leadership for role player is inauthentic.

Good leaders are authentic. They have really respectable advantages, but also as we do have weakness. Authentic leaders are confidently demonstrating their flesh and blood human nature, so that people see both their strengths and weaknesses, and resonate with them – that we were all the same mortal. In this sense, the leader can lead with weakness. It is for these weaknesses, let followers find space to show their talent and find their own value, therefore they are motivated to go on and work together to achieve their goals.

On the issue of leadership development, we have put much energy that are used in imitation of a “perfect” top manager, no wonder imitate such a long time, it might not enhance the leadership. We tried to figure out our weaknesses what we thought they are bad, but it turned out some weaknesses will follow us forever, because we are all mortal. These “hate” weaknesses, in fact, may be the source of your leadership!

Never measuring success compared to another success. Lots of people would like to measure whether you are successful as someone else or not. People like say that I want to be successful as Bill Gates or Steven Jobs. But you need to know you are yourself, walking on your own road. Your success would make by yourself, some of those may not be visible and measurable. The leadership for yourself is different with others, same as your success. You will be successful in other ways.
Nobody is perfect:
Leader should not do: